About Us

Joseph Mifsud Woodworks who is located in Zebbug Malta,has over 35 years of experience in the manufacture of solid wooden apertures. Since technology has advanced over these years, so has our work, and we have now been producing, for over 15 years, specially designed doors and windows which are totally weather proof. These apertures are manufactured from solid 60mm wood (now also offering Lamellare Wood for greater stability) and consist of double glazing, double rubber and special fittings for maximum closure. Also, our apertures are sprayed with water base paint or lacquer for maximum durability and less maintenance.


Our work consists of windows, doors, slidings, maltese style balconies and any kind of aperture the client requests since all our work is worked locally and made to measure.
We also produce interior doors, front doors, vanities, kitchens, bedrooms ect. For further info we encourage you to visit our office in Zebbug and see the products we have to offer.

Joseph Mifsud Woodworks, specializing in weather proof wooden apertures.